Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be Active

You should do some sort of activity most days of the week.  I do believe in one day of rest every week.  For example, when I am on my game, I go to the gym and lift weights Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Yoga on Tuesdays, and Plyometric training on Thursdays.  This leaves me with a flex day during the week if things get to hectic.  I will move a workout to saturday.  I play football on sundays so at some point during the week, there will be one workout free week. 

The body needs rest.  That includes stress.  Stress is a great way to get yourself unhealthy.  While you need a physical break, you should also give yourself sometime to have a mental break.  Allow yourself some time to relax and fade into a book or a movie.  Always leave yourself some time for you to enjoy life.

For those looking for a daily workout to follow, check out Chris's local Crossfit webpage (, Crossfit KoP.  There they post the workout of the day.  Give it a try.  If it is too complex for your skill level, scale it back and just try to get the movements down.  Remember, a workout is supposed to push you.  If it's easy, it's not much of a workout now is it?

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