Wednesday, February 9, 2011


After a long long day, I would normally take a day off.  Something my body loves is normal good food and lots of water.  Water is something that a lot people ignore.  Don't drink coffee, don't drink snapple iced tea, don't drink something from starbucks.  Water is great for flushing out the system.  Yesterday, during my donut binge, I realized that I drank very little water.  Today, now that the dieting is coming back on track, my body is looking for water again.  I try to drink roughly a gallon of water every day.

Rest is another hugely overlooked item for health.  I am skipping my rotation in the gym today because my body is still exhausted and recovering from the beating I gave it yesterday.  I will go to bed early tonight and try to catch up on the sleep that I've been depriving my body.  Lack of sleep can equal sickness very quickly.  You should be getting AT THE VERY VERY VERY MINIMUM, 7 hours of sleep per night.  My body seems to be fully charged after 9.  Nine hours of sleep is a lot in this day and age but I try to get it whenever I can.  You also do not want to lay in bed all day, but that is a given.

Today, I may jog down the log hallways and sprint to and from my car today.  I also find myself stretching whenever possible.  Getting the blood flowing (not through added stress) is great for ones health.

Today's diet so far:
3 eggs, 1/2cup of egg whites
Jenn's delicious turkey chili (ground turkey, diced tomatoes, beans [she wants fiber all the time....i dunno...], onions, spices)
Cup of brown rice.

I should be back to normal tomorrow depending on the amount of rest I can get tonight.  Until then, get your butt moving!  Park farther away, jog to your car, use the stairs! 

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  1. You forgot to include the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I made you today! :)