Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crossfit so far

Crossfit recommends 3 days on and 1 day off.  I am going to half enjoy this day off.  After my first three days at Crossfit SOAR, I am beat.  It is incredibly addictive though.  I get pushed to the limit every time and I love it.  The great people there definitely help.  The community aspect is the perfect touch to the workout.  Strangely, the people are why I stopped going to a conventional gym like Retro Fitness.  Every workout is the true meaning of friendly competition.  It is competition against yourself and it can be against others.  I watch other people working out around me and try to do the same or outpace them.  At the same time, everyone is rooting for everyone else.  If this keeps happening, everyone gets better and everyone wins.

I'm using today's day off to do some food shopping.  I'll be heading to whole foods to pick up as much grass-fed beef and other paleo goodies that I can find.  Maybe gathering ingredients to make these: Paleo Donut Holes

Motivation: “When you reach the top, keep climbing.”  -Proverb

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