Tuesday, July 26, 2011

De-Stress for Success

As it has always been stated, stress is toxic for the body and the mind.  It causes you to tense muscles and put unnecessary constant strain on the body and your internal organs.  Chronic stress can cause heart disease, impaired brain function, impaired immune system, etc.  Stress can also negatively affect your emotions.  There are plenty of different methods of staying level-headed and in a calm state.  Reducing stress in your life and your body, in particular, is great for your health.

 One way to reduce stress is through meditation.  Recently, a study done at UCLA suggests that people who meditate have stronger connections between different brain regions and reduced brain atrophy from aging.  Another favorite stress reducer is yoga.  Yoga not only reduces stress, it increases flexibility and blood flow.  The increased flexibility will greatly help your workouts. 
Always make sure to take time out of your day to relax.  Simply closing your eyes at your desk for 10 seconds can help you regain a sense of stability.  Gathering a sense of calm by controlling stress levels in your body can be great for your mind, mood, and overall health.

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