Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Edition!

My first attempt at a Crossfit benchmark workout went as expected.  I could only physically finish 3 rounds although the rx is for 5 rounds.  I'd like to blame on the paleo pancakes my wife made before the workout but it is probably the fact that I did not drink anything since I woke up.  A big, big mistake.  So "Barbara" (the name of the workout), beat me up pretty good so I returned home to eat.  There was nothing quickly available as I normally drink a protein shake after a workout.  The normal protein shake doesn't quite fly with Paleo.  So, I improvised.

4 oz. Coconut Milk
4 oz. Water
1 tbl. Almond Butter
2 scoops Whey Protein
2 handful of ice cubes

That went in the blender and I sort of had chocolate ice cream.  While delicious, the protein powder could be better quality and next time I would add a little more coconut milk and a little less ice cubes.  Try it out!  If you have your own post paleo meals, feel free to share!

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