Friday, July 29, 2011

The emegence of Crossfit

Crossfit is beginning to gain massive popularity.  Affiliates are opening everywhere.  The Crossfit games, which are a competition of the fittest of the fit, have been sponsored by Reebok.  Last years prize was $25,000.  This years is $250,000.  The paleo diet is also the latest diet craze.  So much so, there isn't a single library remotely close to me that has Robb Wolf's or Dr. Loren Cordain's books on the diet.  Is this a fad?  Possibly.  Will it fade?  It might.  The difference between this and something like the Atkins diet or step classes is that everyone sees the results.  When you walk into a crossfit gym, you see people in great shape.  Spend a little time in one and you can see results too.  You just have to try....

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