Friday, July 8, 2011


Let's jump right into a big controversial topic.  Eggs!  A great source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, eggs are the staple of all diets.

Western society tells us that egg whites are full of protein and the egg yolk is bad because of high saturated fats and cholesterol.  Avoiding egg yolks should not be something you incorporate because of its numerous dietary advantages.  Some paleo enthusiasts have said to me, "Why would you not want the part of the egg with all the nutrients and vitamins?"  So I've done a little research.  What paleo believes is that you should stick to the cage-free eggs that have the bigger amounts of omega-3.  Just because a carton says brown eggs, does not mean they are cage-free.  Someone about 60 pounds lighter than I am says he eats 4 whole eggs every day in the morning.  As a results, I started eating 5-6 whole eggs in the morning.  I was immediate scolded by my wife who did her own research and found that a well-known paleo supporter, Dr. Loren Cordain, suggested eating 6 eggs a week.  It appears the good doctor has changed stance a little and advocates whole eggs.  In fact, he states that egg whites can increase intestinal permeability which is a cause of autoimmune disease!  The second big part is the study that suggests that dietary cholesterol and saturated fat are not leading factors in coronary heart disease.  In fact, diets with high dietary cholesterol can be beneficial.  Here at quotes from the doctor himself,
"Although eggs are one of the most concentrated sources of dietary cholesterol (212 mg per egg), dietary cholesterol has a minimal effect upon blood cholesterol concentrations in most people. Further, high cholesterol egg diets cause an increase in blood HDL particles (the good particles that remove cholesterol from the body) and reduce the highly atherogenic small dense LDL particles while simultaneously increasing the less atherogenic large, “fluffy” LDL particles."
Now, a dozen eggs shouldn't be automatically thrust into everyone's diet.  There are people with egg allergies, existing autoimmune diseases, etc.  If you want to read up some more, I've included a couple articles that are worth a read:

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