Monday, July 18, 2011

Stay on track

So the weekend passes and you had a BBQ.  You went to the party fully motivated and told yourself, "I will have some chicken and a salad.  That's it."  As the night wears on, you have some chicken.....with some pasta....cheeseburger.....french cream....and some cake.  Ok, so you failed.  That is perfectly fine.  One bad day you can live with.  That will not make you obese.  Use the "bad day" to motivate yourself.  Take the next day to get yourself on track.  Start with waking up in the morning and having a solid meal.   Hit the gym hard and stay focused.  One bad day does not need to ruin the next 6 months.  Let this monday serve as a kick start.  Hit the gym hard.  Focus on your meals and Carpe Diem.

Motivation: "He who hesistates is lost." - Proverb


  1. just catching up on all of your blog posts and gotta say, VERY excited for you in these changes. Glad you could witness it firsthand at CF KoP, it is definitely addicting stuff. Gives us another reason to come up and visit so we can drop in with you during a WOD. Keep it up buddy.

  2. Definitely man. You're the inspiration behind all of this. Can't wait to work out with you again.